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Moringa tree (leaves, seeds, roots and flowers) are suitable for human and animal consumption. The leaves, which are rich in protein, minerals, β-carotene and antioxidant compounds, are used not only for human and animal nutrition but also in traditional medicine. The seeds, instead, have attracted scientific interest as M. oleifera seed kernels contain a significant amount of oil (up to 40%) with a high-quality fatty acid composition (oleic acid > 70%) and, after refining, a notable resistance to oxidative degradation . The oil is known commercially as “Ben oil” or “Behen oil”. Its properties make it suitable for both human consumption and commercial purposes. Moringa oil could be a good substitute for olive oil in the diet as well as for non-food applications, like biodiesel, cosmetics, and a lubricant for fine machinery. Moreover, after oil extraction, the seed cake can be used in waste water treatment as a natural coagulant or as an organic fertilizer to improve agricultural productivity.


Moringa oil can be extracted by cold pressed method. It is obtained by pressing seeds of Oleifera tree and boiled it with water as Moringa oil comes out at the surface of the water.


 Pale Yellow

 Appealing taste

 Odourless and non drying

 Nutty flavoured oil.

 Emollient in Nature

Composition : Its constituents are Palmitic, stearic, Arachidic, Behenic, Oleic acid, Linoleic, Palmitoleic, Linolenic acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Blending : Moringa oil well blends with essential oils


 It is used in cooking as it is nutritious ; it contains Vitamin B& C

 It helps to minimize the dark spot of acne and prevent wrinkles, it acts as antioxidants

 It removes blackheads and pimples and also rejuvenates damaged & tired skin

 It is used as antiseptic and anti inflammatory as it reduces inflammation.

 It is used as antidandruff shampoo.

 It is used as carrier for aromatic compounds

 It is used for massage and aromatherapy

 It protects liner from damage

 It is used as moisturiser as it smooth and nourish skin

 Recommended usage – Hair care products, Soap and liquid , body washes , aroma, massage oil, face cream, perfumes & Deodorants and scrubs.