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Kaolin (or) China Clay


Plastic Industries – It is used as a filler in combination with others to impart strength and smoothness in plastic and PVC Pipes and PE Cables, PBT / PET mouldings and unsaturated polyester.

Ceramic Industry – This is the only raw material that contributes majority share of the ceramic industry. This is a natural available product and is the heart of the pottery and tile industry.

Glass Industry – Owing its attribute to high alumina content China clay is widely used in Glass Industry.

Rubber Industry – Grit free China clay with low bulk density are fillers in rubber industry. This improves the flexibility and improves tensile in rubber manufacturing process.

Cosmetics Industry – Manufacturing of tooth paste, powder and soaps.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Rheology Modifier

Agricultural Industry

Cement Industry

Adhesives - Empire product china clay when added to adhesives encourages good barrier effect and controls rheology. This controlling factor helps in the speed at which the adhesive is applied and is a vital factor for high speed paper laminating process. The low sensitive moisture content of calcined china clay leads to low moisture pick up which gives the best output when mixed in the moisture sensitive sealant application.

Electrical Industry – High voltage insulation components and electrical wires and manufacturing of electrical insulators.

Textile Industry as a filter

China clay is also used as a fog repellent, dust collecting agent on roads.

Brick Industry use China clay for manufacturing refractory bricks.

We offer China Clay of different grades as follows:

  Kaolin Clay Micro White Powder

  Kaolin Clay Levigated Ultrafine Powder

  China Clay Super White Powder

  China Clay 300,400 & 500 Mesh Powder

  China Clay Crude Powder / China Clay Ordinary Powder

  We also offer Calcined Clay as per specification.